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The real estate market in India, especially Delhi-NCR is buzzing with life. According to a joint report by real estate association CREDAI and Colliers, housing Prices in Delhi-NCR rose 10% - the highest amongst the top eight cities including MMR, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune and Delhi-NCR. Golf course road saw the highest price rise of 21%YoY followed by Noida Expressway. In the current scenario, buyers are confused about choosing the right builder. That’s why the discerning buyer of today trusts a name like Trident Realty. Over the last several years, Trident Realty prides itself in delivering homes within stipulated time resulting in happy customers. That perhaps is one of the underlying ethos of the group. The vision of the company is about creating value for the customer, by being a technology driven real estate company. The idea is to cater to the customers with contemporary spaces that are future-ready and add value to a customer’s life through sustainable projects and infrastructure. Brand Story Trident Realty has delivered over 1.89 million sq. m. of residential and commercial space in the high-growth sectors, and 1.20 million sq. m. is under various stages of construction in residential, retail, hospitality, and commercial segment. The group endeavours to create ecosystems that are brimming with life through consistent and modern designs, catering to all genres, from affordable to lifestyle-based products. Trident Realty’s vision is not just about building the nation by affecting change through products but creating ecosystems for young India to grow. The group is setting benchmarks for the real estate industry in India. Trident Realty started with affordable projects to begin with and from there on, it has shifted its gears entering into township based and luxury projects. Human centric approach As part of an industry that is behind a lifetime of dreams coming true, Trident Realty stays true to its ground - open, honest and straightforward approach to operations. Over the years, it has been setting benchmarks with outstanding products, processes and human capital. That is why it has built trust with customers and stakeholders with fair practices. Building the nation with focus on customer’s interest and sustainability. This framework adds a lot of value as it places the stakeholder at the heart of every project and every activity. The logo – showcasing ethics Some books need to be judged by their cover – just like a brand with its logo. Trident Realty has taken special care to design a logo that speaks of its ethos. Trident Realty, encompassing the prongs in the hues of blue and green at the core, upholds its vision upon its prongs, symbolising its passion and commitment to Building the Nation. The colour blue at the left prong of the logo reverberates its passionate approach to elevating the customer experience. Trident Realty upholds its belief in customer centricity and strives to deliver excellence with utmost transparency, on-time delivery and commitment to ethical practices. The colour green, reflecting health, prosperity, and environmental care, stands at the core of its logo to represent the organisation's belief in sustainability, aligning with dedicated efforts to creating excellent habitats that reduce carbon footprints. The colour blue at the right prong of the logo embodies well-being, inspiring us to provide quality of life and satisfaction to employees and customers through various products. Future perfect Trident Realty believes in legacy building. Incorporating the best of the ideas from the current technologically ahead times, the group aims at giving customers value-added assets for their coming generations. Sustainable infrastructure, state-of-the-art projects speaking for the quality are