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Logo Story

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The logo of Trident Hills bears the heart and soul of the vision of a perfect living in the heart of nature.

The uplifted strokes represent mountains, the emblem of the panoramic Shivaliks. It showcases them as a cosmic axis where heaven meets earth and balances the universe.

It reflects the edge of adventure awaiting the free-spirited soul.

Adjoining the mountain is an arc denoting the pristine forest that makes you surmise the mystery and thrill of the untamed wilderness.

They connote the elixir of a pure life meant to mesmerise you and nurture life and everything in its haven.

Extending the trail of the forests is a stroke signifying the aquatic surrounding, the beginning of life, where everything is pure and untouched, undisrupted as the gods intended it to be. These unchained elements of nature come together to create a premium experience that surpasses even the extraordinary, resonating with what Trident Hills stand for — Premium, Pristine, Panoramic.